Harnessing the vast network of 8200 alumni in order to promote and empower early stage, first-time entrepreneurs from all industries. 

 intensive months led by 8200 alumni and other
all holding key positions in the start-up
Sharing their knowledge Assisting in building
your venture
Supporting you for over a year and
Promoting tomorrow’s entrepreneurs
and start-ups today

"It was one of the best experiences in my entrepreneurial life, and I’ve been to a few good places, including MassChallenge in Boston. The program is really up to the international standards"

Erez Livneh
CEO of Vecoy Nanomedicines (8200 EISP Alumni, 2011's Cycle)



  • VAYOMAR is a global provider of communication competencies that helps individuals and companies realize and articulate their goals. We offer a diverse platform of technology and methodology-based principles that enable intelligent communication, dialogue and relationships – all of which lead to real result.Website: http://www.vayomar.com/

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  • Altshuler Shaham Benefits specializes in a wide range of Stock Administration and Trust Services for Stock-Based Compensation Plans and acts as Paying, Escrow and Withholding Agent. Our experience translates into a comprehensive range of trust services designed to broaden the role of the trustee with private, public, and international companies based in Israel and around the world....

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  • Established in 2000, OPEN is a full-service branding agency, consisting of a team of designers, strategists and creative talent who build inspiring brands for market-leading companies and breakthrough start-ups. In today's rapidly evolving marketplace, where customers speak a new language based on technology, design and creativity, our role is to help clients navigate this new paradigm and...

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  • Shlomy Saragossi is an international communications consultant, who specializes in helping startups develop and deliver concise, compelling messaging during early rounds of fundraising. In addition, Shlomy works with professionals from a wide range of fields who want to become more confident and effective communicators and leaders. He provides one-on-one consulting, hands-on group workshops,...

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  • NOVUS, the Center of Entrepreneurship, is the focal point for entrepreneurial activity at the School of Business Administration, COMAS. It is aimed at deepening and expanding the work on entrepreneurship and innovation within and outside our campus.The center is designed to contribute to both the advancement of knowledge and the practice of entrepreneurship through hybrid,...

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  • Uniq UI is a UX and Visual design studio. We specialize in turning great business ideas into successful products with loyal users.The studio at Uniq UI excels at designing web apps, mobile and tablet apps as well as other software systems. We specialize in UX and UI design for complex, professional B2B systems, as well as in consumer-oriented commerce sites and apps. With a wide variety of...

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  • Google Launchpad Week, the flagship program of the Google Developers Launchpad Program. Launchpad Week is a weeklong boot camp for early-startups, with Product, UI/UX, Technology, and Marketing/Pitch days and involves the best experts in your community.Startups are not intuitive. Mistakes are easy, and thousands of startups fail yearly. Over the last decade our industry as a whole...

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"Being part of this group of entrepreneurs was extremely empowering, during and after the program. Today, I can call each of my peers and consult with them on a daily basis. This is amazing!"

Liran Mayost
CEO of Zipory (8200 EISP Alumni, 2012's Cycle)


Apply to 8200 EISP - 2018 Cycle

8200 EISP is accepting applications for the 2018 cycle, which will take place in TLV, during February - June 2018. 

If you want to apply, please submit your application online by 8pm on December 15.

On December 21, by 10PM, we’ll invite the startups that seem most promising to meet us in TLV, in early January.

Please note: early submission has an advantage, as we will have more time to review your application.

Please make sure that you submit a One-Pager about your venture - it’s a MUST in order to complete your registration process.

 If you want to create a professional one-pager, we encourage you to use:  www.VCFORU.com