Harnessing the vast network of 8200 alumni in order to promote and empower early stage, first-time entrepreneurs from all industries. 

 intensive months led by 8200 alumni and other
all holding key positions in the start-up
Sharing their knowledge Assisting in building
your venture
Supporting you for over a year and
Promoting tomorrow’s entrepreneurs
and start-ups today

"It was one of the best experiences in my entrepreneurial life, and I’ve been to a few good places, including MassChallenge in Boston. The program is really up to the international standards"

Erez Livneh
CEO of Vecoy Nanomedicines (8200 EISP Alumni, 2011's Cycle)



  • VAYOMAR is a global provider of communication competencies that helps individuals and companies realize and articulate their goals. We offer a diverse platform of technology and methodology-based principles that enable intelligent communication, dialogue and relationships – all of which lead to real result.Website: http://www.vayomar.com/

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  • Altshuler Shaham Benefits specializes in a wide range of Stock Administration and Trust Services for Stock-Based Compensation Plans and acts as Paying, Escrow and Withholding Agent. Our experience translates into a comprehensive range of trust services designed to broaden the role of the trustee with private, public, and international companies based in Israel and around the world....

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  • Established in 2000, OPEN is a full-service branding agency, consisting of a team of designers, strategists and creative talent who build inspiring brands for market-leading companies and breakthrough start-ups. In today's rapidly evolving marketplace, where customers speak a new language based on technology, design and creativity, our role is to help clients navigate this new paradigm and...

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  • Shlomy Saragossi is an international communications consultant, who specializes in helping startups develop and deliver concise, compelling messaging during early rounds of fundraising. In addition, Shlomy works with professionals from a wide range of fields who want to become more confident and effective communicators and leaders. He provides one-on-one consulting, hands-on group workshops,...

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  • Google Launchpad Week, the flagship program of the Google Developers Launchpad Program. Launchpad Week is a weeklong boot camp for early-startups, with Product, UI/UX, Technology, and Marketing/Pitch days and involves the best experts in your community.Startups are not intuitive. Mistakes are easy, and thousands of startups fail yearly. Over the last decade our industry as a whole...

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"Being part of this group of entrepreneurs was extremely empowering, during and after the program. Today, I can call each of my peers and consult with them on a daily basis. This is amazing!"

Liran Mayost
CEO of Zipory (8200 EISP Alumni, 2012's Cycle)