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11th Cycle Graduates

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2021- Setting new records

Hopefully, 2021 will be remembered as the year we returned to a "new normal".

Our cycle started five months ago with much uncertainty and with a need to adjust and change ourselves constantly. Fortunately, we were able to execute most of the cycle physically while enjoying the variety of hybrid options around us.

However, this year has not been a typical year for startups and venture capitalists, as the Startup Nation scales up and increasingly focuses on growth stages. Thus, fundraising rounds, IPOs, and valuations were all set to new records.

The need to support early-stage startups in establishing successful companies is now more essential than ever. Today's entrepreneurs must demonstrate courage, determination and unique skills in order to meet the increased expectations. Together with our excellent  partners, management team, mentors and supporters, we strive to provide them with the tools to succeed on their long, challenging road. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your partnership and support.

We are proud to introduce the 11th cycle graduates, talented entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, all share a professional attitude, entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to leave their mark in the world - we wish them great success!

We highly encourage you to contact our founders to learn more.

Feel free to reach out to us. We'll be happy to hear from you.


Yarden Abarbanel

Managing Director

Managing Team

Yarden Abarbanel

Managing Director

Noa Levcovich

Operations & Community Manager

Gaby Kaminsky

Content Manager

Mentoring Team

Ran Dagan

Investor, Discount Capital

Gadi Mazor

GM, BioCatch

Eyran Blumberg

VP Solutions, BioCatch

Yael Alroy

Principal, Viola Ventures

Julia Kagan

Partner, JVP

Renana Ashkenazi

Principal, Grove Ventures

Orit Balicer Tsur


Gonen Fink




Demo Day 2021

The 2021 Startups

Ron Nissim

Co-Founder & CEO

DeepCred streamlines, automates, and governs the permission provisioning process of cloud assets. By creating a single pane of view, we centralize the handling of requests and make sure that every request is processed quickly, and correctly. Once provisioning is automated - auditing, security, and maintenance become trivial in contrast to the manual overview done today.

A no-code app market for website creators. Common Ninja operates in the site building platforms market. We aim to dominate the 3rd party apps space for website creators by building a comprehensive market that is loaded with reliable no-code apps for website creators. Common Ninja's apps are agnostic to the platforms they are running on, ensuring relevance to any present or future website and platform.

Ben Ofiri

Co-Founder & CEO

Komodor is an end-to-end troubleshooting platform for DevOps and SRE designed to bring back control over modern distributed systems. Komodor utilizes cross-platform events, providing DevOps teams a holistic platform to manage incidents from detection to resolution.

Pandora Security is building a digital identity protection platform that helps the enterprise eliminate the risks posed by insecure personal online accounts. By continuously analyzing back-end data, user behavior and account configurations, the platform is able to determine and improve the security level of personal online accounts, identify anomalous activity that could indicate a breach and use automated incident response tools to remediate a wide range of common attack vectors.

Yarden Kaufmann

Co-Founder & CEO

Employee Experience ON DEMAND. fixer’s SaaS empowers business owners and managers to delight their employees like big tech do, but without having the TIME, MONEY and RESOURCES.

AntiShock’s micro-hemodynamic monitoring system enables intravenous (IV) fluid therapy optimization. Now patients’ fluid therapy can be managed like medication. Giving the wrong dosage of drugs is no different from giving the wrong dosage of intravenous (IV) fluids. Two out of three Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients suffer from fluid overload.
Fluid overload increases length of stay (LoS), medical interventions, readmission rates, possible organ failure and in some cases death.
Our solution personalizes fluid administration to the patient's specific needs thus reducing readmissions and patient mortality.

Configu is a ConfigOps SaaS platform that aims to reduce the complexity of managing high-scale distributed systems across environments and regions.
Our solution is designed to streamline the experience of developing and distributing code while eliminating the need to learn how to configure each service or environment in its own specific way.
In addition, Configu encapsulates configurations with unique layers such as visualization, security, testing, and documentation. By doing so, we fill the software configuration gap between developers and DevOps engineers.

Peech automatically edits and brands verbal-content videos to help businesses increase their digital brand presence. Peech’s algorithm analyzes the video’s audio content and: improves the video and the audio, edits the content so it will fit the right distribution channel, adds branding elements (a logo, an intro, an outro, closed captions and more) and highlights the most important words and sentences and adds the relevant branded visual elements like animated icons, graphic texts, and visuals. The whole process is automatic and takes minutes.

FeatherCloud provides cellular-based CDN services, specializing in 4G & 5G content delivery.
We cache content closer to the user than ever before, providing 10x faster delivery.
While being agnostic to data type, FeatherCloud specializes in high-throughput and low-latency use cases such as video streaming and gaming where we can deliver the most impactful value.
When utilizing the new architecture of 5G MEC - the secret sauce is our unique optimization algorithms allowing us to deliver huge amounts of data in a fast, lean, decentralized manner.

Canditech allows companies evaluate candidates for any position by creating tailor-made job simulation tests - the best predictor of job suitability. Our unique and holistic approach empowers recruiters to objectively evaluate technical skills (code, SQL, Excel, visualization etc.) alongside soft-skills (using video questions, and email communication). This gives candidates a fair chance to showcase their talent in a convenient time and place, providing a great candidate experience.

Our mission at Loora is to make language learning easy, affordable, and always available for everyone by providing them with their own personal AI English tutor in their pocket. A tutor that is always available to talk about whatever you want, give you immediate feedback on your English skills, and guide you on your journey to fluency.

Simulars is a virtual reality based solution for social training that exposes children with ASD to real-life situations in a fun and nurturing way. The VR platform is coupled with a compatible application, providing caregivers with full control over the therapy. The platform enables remote therapy capabilities, thus, the accessibility of therapy is increased. In addition, data from each and every session is gathered and analyzed, so each child receives the personal care that he or she needs.