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8200 For Startups by EISP is happy to present

12th Cycle Graduates

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2022- Setting new records

It has been an uncertain year in the market with lots of changes, especially for startups in their early stages.It is more important than ever for startups in the early stages to receive support, advice, and guidance, and that is our mission -  to provide the accelerator's participants with the best tools in their journey to success.

Today startups need to be groundbreaking, innovative leaders, flexible yet more stable and determined than ever to stand out and meet market expectations.

Our 12th cycle presents fourteen magnificent ventures and entrepreneurs, talented and unique, that have reinvented themselves, adjusted to changes, and adapted to today's challenges. We are here for you and wish you lots of success along the way.

Our mission would not be possible without our wonderful partners, managing team, mentors, volunteers, and supporters - thank you very much for your ongoing support.

Feel free to contact us for more information.


Adi Nechemia

Managing Director

Managing Team

Adi Nechemia

Managing Director

Yuval Kadishevich

Operations & Community Manager

Gaby Kaminsky

Content Manager

Mentoring Team

Ran Dagan

Investor, Discount Capital

Gadi Mazor

CEO, BioCatch

Eyran Blumberg

COO, BioCatch

Yael Alroy

Partner, Viola Ventures

Julia Kagan

Partner, JVP

Renana Ashkenazi

GP, Grove Ventures

Orit Balicer Tsur


Guy Nizan

VP, Threat Intelligence Rapid7

Idan Didi

Co-Founder, COO,

Shai Raiten

Co-Founder, CEO,

Naama Schlamm

VP, Bessemer



Demo Day 2022

The 2022 Startups

The financial management app for independent workers. Worqly is on a mission to financially empower freelancers and gig workers in the US. More and more people are joining the gig economy, but they still lack the tools and understanding to stay on top of their finances. Worqly's app will help them save time and money on taxes, expense tracking and stabilizing their fluctuating income.

TCK drives B2B sales by identifying which clients to turn to, when & with what message.TCK drives B2B sales by identifying which clients to turn to, when & with what message. We identify events such as when companies open a field of operation, we compare hiring patterns to funding, we look for decision makers joining the companies, companies expanding their markets & offering and more. All to help SDRs succeed with bringing-in interested clients...And they do; users enjoy 2x-8x more sales qualified leads. Our partners include companies from cyber security, dev tools, compliance tech, talent tech & others

iUsing optimized technology and human quality control we are offering accurate and fast turnarounds of large volumes of transcription and subtitles content.
Sumit-AI is an Israeli start-up that uses novel and unique technology to improve the process of transcribing and syncing subtitles and captions. Our services include transcription in a variety of languages, text sequencing and translation, assimilation and delivery in a variety of forms.

Spikerz protects virtual assets.
Spikerz protects virtual assets by eliminating risky human behavior. We predict, monitor and prevent account takeovers, inaccessibility and other human related risks.

We help companies unlock sensitive data for analytics and machine learning to gain a competitive edge faster. CTOs today are struggling in front of never-ending privacy regulations that make it difficult for them to utilize their company’s data safely and quickly enough to stay ahead of competition. PVML offers enterprise ready software based on cutting-edge Differential Privacy technology that enables analytics and machine learning to be applied on sensitive data without compromising privacy and without leaving some of the data’s value on the table. We ensure data never has to leave the owners’ environment and is protected from reverse engineering attacks, eliminating millions of dollars spent on costly privacy incidents every year and unlocking value from previously off-reach data.

Journeyz is a Revenue Optimization platform, designed to maximize recurring revenue, upsell and cross-sell opportunities with existing customers. Journeyz drives users toward uncompromised focus on customer business value realization. Based on understanding at any given time the customer business objectives, Journeyz users can take actions to direct the customer toward most effective product adoption, and with that maximize expansion and renewal opportunities.

Yaron Klainer

Co-Founder & CEO

The Media Content Industry Operating PlatformIn a world where demand for content is spiking and production prices are surging , IMGN was designed to solve one of the $250B/Y Media Industry crucial problems: producing more content, faster and cheaper.IMGN is an AI Collaboration Platform for all the production stages and needs. Utilizing deep technology and real-time data to make content creation intuitive, scalable and faster with every production.

Drimz is a platform for collaborative design, development and deployment of UI / UX components. Drimz re-define the way developers and designers work today. We integrate with the developer's codebase, and create a no-code interface where designers can design the real product and not just a mockup / prototype. All changes are automatically synced with the code, reducing design cycles to zero and improving developer efficiency.

Natalie Lubelchick

Co-Founder & CEO

A voice AI platform which optimizes business interactions by leveraging deep behavioral insights from calls. Our patented AI platform analyzes speakers' voices during calls and maps their unique decision drivers, perspective, and preferences.Leveraging these deep behavioral insights, our 'Matching' solution assigns the best fit rep to each customer based on similar perspectives and communication styles, creating natural chemistry, building trust, and improving performance.

Democratizing access to virtual training and live group courses.
Our mission is to enable access to the world's best live-group courses for employees of any company size. We allow for a personalized development in the desired skills, just when the employee needs it - with all the benefits of engaging with people like you and learning from a live instructor. Our platform makes investment in talent development more effective and trackable, and helps organizations retain their employees and empower their workforce.

A fully automated legal solution for SMBs that provides personalized legal tools and enables users to handle their legal needs. Clawdia is an all-in-one legal solution that enables SMBs to handle all of their legal needs in a single hub. Clawdia is active in the US market and has hundreds of customers in only a few months. Clawdia is the only end-to-end solution in the market that provides personalization in an automatic tool, and changes the way SMBs consume legal services, for good.Clawdia's CEO and co-founder, Vardit Legali, has been a lawyer for 10 years before founding Clawdia. Clawdia is on a mission to empower business owners by making the legal world for SMBs - friendly, affordable, and easy to use.

Ohad Biron

Co-Founder & CEO

A Continuous Enablement platform that empowers go-to-market teams with on-time engagement and expansion opportunities at scale. Bagel is a Continuous Enablement platform that helps B2B SaaS companies align their entire organization with their key growth driver, the product. We ensure go-to-market teams add value in each and every interaction they have with their customers by automating the rollout process and exposing engagement and expansion opportunities at the right time. Just like CI/CD bridges gaps between development and operation activities, Bagel does the same, but between product and go-to-market teams, so they can become more relevant, feature-specific, and tailored to customer's needs.

Idan Shahar

Co-Founder & CEO

We help DevOps engineers to properly manage the delivery process. Our mission is to help DevOps engineers improve and better manage CI/CD processes. We provide visibility and governance to DevOps engineers so they can see the full picture, enforce policies and best practices company-wide. We also provide an IDE plugin enables to opt-in the DevOps best practices, policies and guidance intro the developer environment. This helps keep the delivery process in check and up to standards, reduces security and quality risks throughout the organization and as well as reduces the DevOps and developers collaboration friction.

Revenue Collaboration Platform. Aligned is on a mission to profoundly simplify the way B2B revenue teams and customers interact, in an increasingly complex digital environment. Our SaaS platform enables teams to streamline all customer communication, content, tools and processes into a single, collaborative digital workspace, which automates and enhances the buyer experience. Aligned helps improve engagement, simplify the process for both teams and provides powerful behavior based analytics on the full customer journey.