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8200 For Startups by EISP is happy to present

13th Cycle Graduates

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2023- Setting new records

Welcome to our 13th Startups Showcase Event!

As we all know, it's an unstable and uncertain time for startups. But even when times are hard, we proudly see our graduated startups continue to stand out in the ecosystem.

The connection of these two points leads to an important conclusion of how important and relevant our role is - to provide early-stage startups with support, advice, guidance, and the best tools in their journey to success.

Along with the difficulties that the not-so-new market brings, in these times the strongest teams and startups are the ones that stand out.
We are proud to represent the 11 magnificent ventures of our 13th cycle, groundbreaking startups from a variety of industries. I truly believe you will continue being innovation leaders, grow successful companies, and leave your mark on the world. We are here for you all the way.

We couldn’t have done it without our amazing partners, managing team, devoted mentors, volunteers, and supporters – Thank you very much for your ongoing support. 

We highly encourage you to contact our founders to learn more.
Feel free to contact us for more information.


Adi Nechemia

Managing Director

Managing Team

Adi Nechemia

Managing Director

Yuval Kadishevich

Operations & Community Manager

Gaby Kaminsky

Content Manager

Mentoring Team

Tami Bronner

Partner @ Vertex

Renana Ashkenazi

GP @ Grove Ventures

Eyran Blumberg

COO @ BioCatch

Julia Kagan

VC Investor

Orit Balicer Tsur


Gadi Mazor

CEO @ BioCatch

Yael Alroy

Partner @ Viola Ventures

Guy Nizan

Practice leader @ Rapid7

Idan Didi

Co-Founder, COO @ Spectral

Raanan Raz

Co-Founder, CEO @ Avalor

Ran Dagan

Head of Tech Inv. @ Discount Capital

Hadar Avtalion

Investor, Startup & Fund advisor



Demo Day 2023

The 2023 Startups

Mybouncer is a technology platform that turns every phone into a drink-spiking detector. Our patent-pending technology includes AI-based software and unique hardware that connects to the phone like a phone wallet. It is highly accurate and can detect all types of rape drugs in seconds in a discreet and seamless way.  We have received strong market validation for our product. Our target audience, including young women and parents, has found Mybouncer to be highly appealing and relevant. drink spiking is a growing issue in the United States and around the world, and our technology aims to provide a solution to this problem. Our unique platform is designed to further expand to solve a variety of consumption risks, from contaminants to infections.

Plaiview is a platform, which allows amature sports players ( first sport picked is football ) to record their full-length games , anywhere and with their own Mobile Device - and get short highlights clips using AI , computer vision and machine learning technology.

Shir Kashi

Co-Founder & CEO

Reborn aims to revolutionize the neuroimaging market by developing the first portable and safe helmet brain scanner based on ultrasound technology. The scanner will produce a 3D, high-resolution brain image that is comparable to a CT scan and can be used anytime, anywhere. With a primary focus on the ICU market, our system tackles the challenges associated with long waiting times, transportation complications that could potentially endanger patients' lives, and the potential risks of ionizing radiation that leads to the death of 50,000 people a year in the US. Through the utilization of our safer and highly efficient scanner, we have the potential to significantly reduce hospitalization days, infections, and delayed treatments. This could result in substantial cost savings for US hospitals, amounting to billions of dollars annually.

At Hi-Ellie, we're transforming the online dating landscape by guiding people back to the charm of finding love within their social circles. Ellie, designed by a proficient team of data scientists and social enthusiasts, utilizes the power of your network to provide an authentic and enriching love journey. Currently, 10,000 users entrust their love stories to Ellie, with three adorable Ellie-babies testifying to her success! With her conversational AI guidance, Ellie redefines the pursuit of love, turning it from an endless swipe game to a meaningful exploration of potential partners.

GenieLabs changes the way players engage with games by enabling them to easily build anything from simple skins to full mods using GenAI-powered UGC tools. Once you have GenieLabs, instead of creating dozens of DLCs, you will gain hundreds of mods created by players and a thriving community. All with full control over content creation through GenieLabs' dashboard. Games set the style, users enrich it. Our first product is a custom style-consist skin generator for avatar clothing, world props, car parts, and anything else your game needs. All of this is available with simple API integration.

Slauth.io is the IAM Policy Copilot for MI generating, rightsizing and centralizing IAM policies in order to prevent vulnerabilities appearing in production. In 2024 there will be on average 500K machine identities (MI) deployed per enterprise. It is the fastest growing identity group in an increasingly hostile market where 85% of all identities get breached. Slauth scans your repository and instantly creates secure IAM policies. Slauth is different as our platform pro-actively suggests IAM Policies in the CI/CD stages preventing misconfigurations going into production. Used by some of the leading AWS partners we save them 3-7 hours a week of cloud engineering. We are looking for: Cloud Engineers to use Slauth.io and talent to join the team

Shir Cofman

Co-Founder & CEO

MISTRIX develops innovative visual generative AI solution for beauty industry, allowing retailers and beauty companies to promote their products with user-generated content to enhance the shopping experience and to drive conversions. Join us on this journey to revolutionize the beauty industry.

Aviv Shamny

Co-Founder & CEO

Blend helps SaaS B2B revenue teams make data driven decisions by identifying the most converting usage patterns and common user behaviors within the product

Rotate is a 360° cybersecurity platform built for the way you do business, combining security and insurance to provide you with safety, assurance, and continuity 24/7, 365 days a year. Welcome to the future of work. Your business is secured.

Tellos is the game-changing shopping experience.
In a video-centric world, people crave video experiences, including online shopping.
Our solution empowers digital stores to step into the future with engaging video shopping feeds that capture attention and boost conversion. What makes us different? Our AI makes it very simple for digital stores to onboard - it recognizes which products showcased in a video and seamlessly finds them in the store's inventory, enabling the creation of shoppable videos with zero human touch.  Additionally, our feeds are personalised, and deliver unmatched shopping journeys.

BridgeIt is unlocking the full potential of AI in software development through a platform enabling leadership-managed AI integration within the developer workflow. In the new era, where AI's become increasingly involved in the development process, BridgeIt introduces AI-driven processes to address workflow inefficiencies, accelerate timelines, and elevate the quality of deliverables.
The BridgeIt platform comprises two key components: Leadership Portal: A dedicated portal designed for VP R&Ds and CTOs, empowering them to manage the enforcement of LLM-workflows within their development workflows. This portal allows them to define the exact prompt flow, tailored to their organization's specific needs. BridgeIt offers recommended prompt flows based on the detected code stack. Developer Portal: This portal serves as a centralized hub, providing automatic context-enrichment to the LLM. By understanding the code and technology stack areas that require attention, BridgeIt enables the LLM to execute prompts with the highest level of accuracy and relevance.