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8200 For Startups by EISP is happy to present

14th Cycle Graduates

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2024- Setting new records

Welcome to our 14th Startups Showcase Event!

Since the onset of the war, we have supported startups and the Israeli ecosystem, helping them overcome challenges and navigate these difficult times.

Despite the ongoing challenges, we are proud of our graduated startups that keep standing out in the ecosystem and deliver outstanding results NO MATTER WHAT.

This year has underscored the critical importance of our mission, especially as the number of new startups declines each year. We are committed to equipping early-stage startups with essential tools for their journey to success. We have developed a new program model that centers on custom acceleration and value creation for each startup.

We remain hopeful, as history has shown that in these times the strongest teams and startups are the ones that stand out.

We are proud to represent the eight exceptional ventures of our 14th cycle, showcasing groundbreaking innovation across diverse industries. I truly believe you will continue to lead in innovation, grow into successful companies, and make a significant global impact. We stand by you every step of the way.

Our achievements would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our incredible partners, dedicated management team, committed mentors, and supporters.We highly encourage you to contact our founders to learn more.Feel free to contact us for more information.

We pray for the safe return of all the 120 hostages in Israel and stand in solidarity with all the bereaved families.


Adi Nechemia

Managing Director

Managing Team

Adi Nechemia

Managing Director

Elian Zelichov

Operations & Community Manager

Gaby Kaminsky

Content Manager

Mentoring Team

Eyran Blumberg

COO @ BioCatch

Julia Kagan

VC Investor

Orit Balicer Tsur


Idan Didi

Co-Founder, COO @ Spectral

Raanan Raz

Co-Founder, CEO @ Avalor

Ran Ribenzaft

Co Founder & CTO @Epsagon

Hadar Avtalion

Investor, Startup & Fund advisor



Demo Day 2024

The 2024 Startups

Evolinq is an AI SaaS platform disrupting a $1T$ market - the EMS & OEM & Automotive Sectors.In an industry rife with daily manual tasks that result in substantial financial losses, Evolinq is designed to automate these processes, eliminating human errors and vastly improving overall operational efficiency based on an AI tool we developed. The impact of our innovation is already evident, with five paying customers on board, four of which are NASDAQ-listed companies, contributing to $500K in ARR.

Our startup pioneers a unique 3D eCommerce shopping solution integrated into client websites, transforming flat interface into immersive gaming experiences. We use cutting-edge technologies, revolutionizing customer experience and gathering valuable data.

Liraz Benchetrit katz

Co-Founder & CEO

PaxAI is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the divorce process, making it more effective, speedy, and affordable. By offering personalized, step-by-step solutions for legal information, virtual negotiations, tailored legal contracts, and matching with suitable attorneys when necessary, PaxAI ensures a smoother and more accessible resolution. We aim to position PaxAI as the foremost solution for efficient, accessible, and cost-effective divorce outcomes, transforming how couples navigate separation.

Eyal Ben Shalom

Co-Founder & CEO

Over 90% of the content created by brands fails to generate profitability due to a disconnect from performance metrics. This problem arises when teams rely on intuition rather than data-driven insights. Adge.ai addresses this by deconstructing marketing content into numerous identifiable features and analyzing their recurrence across thousands of a brand's content pieces. This allows teams to create performance-oriented content, significantly reducing production costs while boosting brand profitability by at least 25%.

We build a real-time log optimization platform for DevOps and SREs that reduces log volumes by 95% at the source, turning noisy data into actionable insights to cut costs, enhance performance, and improve decision-making.

Nirel Nemirovsky

Co-Founder & CEO

Remembell revolutionizes B2B lead nurturing by making communication personal and engaging. While lead nurturing is at the heart of the sales funnel, current workflows are often impersonal and rarely optimized, resulting in many potential leads remaining unconverted. Using advanced AI algorithms, Remembell continuously learns about your leads and tailors communication to resonate with them, leading to higher engagement, trust, and conversion rates.

EAT ID helps any food service know precisely which foods to produce for each meal - by quantity and variety - to create true menu inclusivity, increase sales, and reduce food waste.Insufficient data for both food services and consumers causes over $100 billion in losses annually in the U.S. Post-COVID, menu planning has become a major challenge due to Gen Z's entry into the workplace, hybrid work, the rise of food delivery services, and global sustainability and food waste regulations.We created a discreet culinary ID that records eating behavior and food preference profiles, creating a new data layer for the ecosystem. Our proprietary IP understands all dish properties and ingredients to generate ideal matches. This B2B web-based solution seamlessly integrates with existing system

Boosst is the AI-powered M&A Platform that helps business brokers and M&A firms optimize operational efficiency and solve critical financial challenges. The product is a web platform that provides business brokers with a unified interface to onboard clients (Automated CIM), find matching deals, analyze business data, and facilitate an end-to-end deal flow, including finding leads, business valuation, and increased financial data exposure to potential buyers.