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The Program

The Workshop

The core of the program consists of activities lasting from dawn till dusk - lectures, expert panels, brainstorming sessions with serial entrepreneurs, investors and leading experts in the startup ecosystem. The workshop consists mainly of Entrepreneurship, Strategy, BizDev, and Marketing oriented content.

Personal Mentoring

Our mentoring team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs that have sold firms, raised significant funding and led ventures to success. The start-ups participating in the program enjoy the close guidance of mentors who assist them in many aspects of the start-up’s life.


Throughout the workshop, we host intimate members-only events to facilitate connections between entrepreneurs, investors, founders of top-tier startups and corporate executives.

Office Hours

Spend time with successful entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and corporate executives. These sessions are dedicated to your specific challenges, covering all topics such as Marketing, Funding, Legal issues, UI/UX, Financials, Pitching skills, Product/market fit, and more.

Free Office Space 24/7, at the heart of TLV

Our shared office space is located at Harel office Floor25 (Hahilazon street 12, Ramat Gan). The shared working space is a crucial part in our program - allowing the start-ups to communicate and get in the right rhythm. You get to sit next to your program peers and enjoy a fully equipped office.

Access to the 8200 Alumni Network

We offer our participants access to the 8200 Alumni
network, comprised of 14,000 alumni in Israel and abroad: entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals from a diverse set of disciplines, which offer participants professional guidance and networking free of charge.

Annual business delegation

Join an annual business delegation to major metropolitans across the world such as San Fransisco, Silicon Valley, London, Chicago, NYC, and Boston. Using 8200 networks and connections worldwide, we will help you expand your business activity overseas.